SHARD © gempa GmbH

SHARD is a web based application to monitor the structural health. PSAs calculated in real-time are compared with response spectra given in design codes as the EC, NEHRP or DIN codes. Exceedance is checked and warning incidents are issued. In addition to the spectral comparison also data qualit as delay and variance are tracked and quality incidents are generated. The built-in incident browser allows a quick and easy access to the history showing data quality, exceedance and earthquake occurance. Incidents are displayed in heat maps giving an instant overview.


The dashboard visualizes the actual information regarding pseudo response spectra and station quality. It shows the location of the building and position of sensors as well.

This information is visualized with bar charts, bar diagrams, a photo and an interactive map.


Incident browser

The incident browser lets you browse seismic events and SHARD incidents for a certain time span and for selected instruments. It also allows to generate earthquake reports.