Web Service - DYFI

A web service to retrieve and upload Did You Feel It(DYFI) information in either JSON format or as plain binary data.

API Description

DYFI report attributes
idstringSpecify the event id, example id=gfz2011ocqa.
publicIDstringPublic ID of the DYFI report
minitensityfloatSpecify the minimum intensity.
maxitensityfloatSpecify the maximum intensity.
Rectangular bounding area
minlatdegreesSpecify minimum latitude, southern boundary [-90 <= X <= 90].
maxlatdegreesSpecify maximum latitude, northern boundary [-90 <= X <= 90].
minlondegreesSpecify minimum longitude, western boundary [-180 <= X <= 180].
maxlondegreesSpecify maximum longitude, eastern boundary [-180 <= X <= 180].
Circular bounding area
regionlistDefine bounding area by latitude and longitude in degree and radius in km e.g., 50.39;11.07;261.965. To provide the distance in degree append the unit 'deg' to the number, e.g., 2.3deg.
arrivallistDefine travel time template of S phase by latitude, longitude, depth in km, origin time as ISO string, maximum distance in km and maximum residual in seconds.
Time queries
feltbeforedateSelect DYFI reports felt before this date, format = %Y-%m-%d[T%H:%M:%S].
feltafterdateSelect DYFI reports felt after or at this date, format = %Y-%m-%d[T%H:%M:%S].
updatedbeforedateSelect DYFI reports updated before this date, format = %Y-%m-%d[T%H:%M:%S].
updatedafterdateSelect DYFI reports updated after or at this date, format = %Y-%m-%d[T%H:%M:%S].
Miscellaneous attributes
agencystringAgency creating the DYFI report.
statusstringEvaluation status of the DYFI Report.
typestringDYFI report type, e.g. 'earthquake', 'not existing'.
sortstringResult set order. Use time for ascending and -time for descending origin time order.
limitintegerLimits the result set. A value > 0 is required.
offsetintegerIndex the result set should start on. '0'
formatstringSpecify the output format. Available options are: binary and json.