Web Service - Stations

A web service compatible with IRIS can be found here.

The updatedafter parameter has not been implemented yet and the output format is SeisComP inventory XML. Additionally the gzip flag can be used to transfer the content compressed with gzip which is done automatically if the client reports (x-)gzip support through Accept-Encoding.

API Description

Stream identifiers
netlistSpecify SEED network code, example net=GE, defaults to *.
stalistSpecify SEED station code, example net=UGM, defaults to *.
loclistSpecify SEED location code, example loc=00, defaults to *. Substitute dash characters for white space, example loc=--.
chanlistSpecify SEED channel code, example chan=BHZ, defaults to *.
levelstringSpecify whether to include channel/response metadata or not. Valid values are: net, sta, chan or resp. Defaults to sta
Rectangular bounding area
minlatdegreesSpecify minimum latitude, southern boundary [-90 <= X <= 90].
maxlatdegreesSpecify maximum latitude, northern boundary [-90 <= X <= 90].
minlondegreesSpecify minimum longitude, western boundary [-180 <= X <= 180].
maxlondegreesSpecify maximum longitude, eastern boundary [-180 <= X <= 180].
Circular bounding area
latdegreesSpecify latitude of center [-90 <= X <= 90].
londegreesSpecify longitude of center [-180 <= X <= 180].
minradiusdegreesSpecify minimum radius of area around center [0 <= X <= 180], optional and defaults to 0.
maxradiusdegreesSpecify maximum radius of area around center [0 <= X <= 180]
Time queries
startbeforedateSpecify stations starting before this date, format = %Y-%m-%d.
startafterdateSpecify stations starting after this date, format = %Y-%m-%d.
endbeforedateSpecify stations ending before this date, format = %Y-%m-%d.
endafterdateSpecify stations ending after this date, format = %Y-%m-%d.
timewindowdate,dateSpecify a time range that stations/channels must be operating within.
gzipForce gzip compression.
downloadAdds the filename inventory.xml[.gz] to the HTTP response header. The browsers accepted encoding is then ignored and the result is only compressed if the gzip flag is passed as well.